A new era of Need for Speed: World

Active Playerbase

WorldUnited.gg has the largest active playerbase of all SBRW servers. You can be sure that there will always be someone to play with!

High Performance

With powerful dedicated hardware and optimized software, you're bound to have a smooth gameplay experience.

Easy to Play

Signing up is quick and easy! Once you've made an account, you can move on to what's important: playing.

Exclusive Content

WorldUnited.gg has exclusive cars and custom races that you won't find anywhere else! Players can look forward to even more new content every month. With the tools we have, there's no end in sight.

No Pay-to-Win

That's right - everything is available to every player. Never pay real-life money for in-game content again. On WUGG, the only money you need is time.

Community Challenges

Looking for something exciting to do? On WorldUnited.gg, community challenges are frequently hosted. If the goal is reached, everyone gets special prizes!

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