A new era of Need for Speed: World

Active Playerbase

WorldUnited.gg has the largest active playerbase of all SBRW servers. You can be sure that there will always be someone to play with!

High Performance

With powerful dedicated hardware and optimized software, you're bound to have a smooth gameplay experience.

Easy to Play

Signing up is quick and easy! Once you've made an account, you can move on to what's important: playing.

Exclusive Content

WorldUnited.gg has a plethora of custom content, ranging from custom cars and aftermarket parts to completely new races. You'll never be bored!

No Pay-to-Win

WorldUnited.gg doesn't lock any gameplay content behind paywalls. The only currency you need is time. In other words: We'll never make you pay for "premium" to get cars.

Community Challenges

Looking for something exciting to do? Every month, WorldUnited.gg hosts community challenges for special rewards. We're always thinking of ways to make your experience the best it can be.

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